Ismael Studio is a business established on july 1990 with approximately $100,000 annual sales per year. Offering basic and advanced proffesional services such as portrait and commercial photography, graphic arts, photomenus and more. Our lastest success and/or most recent major project is the photomenu system. One of our current projects is promoting a unique menu using photos to describe the meals offered at a restaurant. The use of photography in menus isn't new, but our approach is.

Our best business asset is our customers so we try to treat them as they deserve because the photography business requires a lot of diplomacy becuase there is a lot of contact with people and their varied personalities, that's the reason that when we hire a new employee, we look for this trait becuase we feel that they should always be sincere and loyal to all our customers.

Our liability is time and as our philosophy "We believe that to prosper in business, We must be more creative than we sas the previous day". Portrait and commercial photography basically deal with the same subject. Whether it is a person or an object, We must create an image that may last more than serveral lifetimes.

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